Frequently Asked Questions

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use 100% certificate Organics active ingredients & maximum use natural ingredients formula with 100 safe, clean beauty (transparent & honest label) no artificial colour, fragrance in skin & hair care No artificial flavour, taste & colour in nutrition, dermatology tested & result oriented quality with next generation technology
organic, plant collagen, plant biotin, skin glow, hairgrow, hair growth, clean beauty
one of the transparent & honest brand (brand become a part of the consumer's happy life
no competition because we are different, honest & transparent (What kind of an answer is this? Also who are the main competitors?)
clean beauty & results oriented products
Dabas mean Natural and represents Five Basic Elements of nature
we are always use certified & safe ingredients
100% certified Organic Active ingredients & Dermatology Tested, FDA Registered (skin & hair care) & Nutrition Products are FSSAI Registered
no use Paraben, mineral oil, sulphites, silicone (no use any harmful ingredients)
all products are vegan & cruelty free and not tested on animals