Hairfall Control Bio Active Hair Oil - 200 ml
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Hairfall Control Bio Active Hair Oil - 200 ml

Hair Fall Controll | Promotes Hair Growth | Dandruff Controll

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    Benefits of Rosemary

    Rosemary is native to the dry, rocky areas of the Mediterranean, especially along the coast. The genus name Rosmarinus derives from the Latin words ros and marinus which together translate to "dew of the sea." Rosemary has been used since the time of the early Greeks and Romans. Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) is an aromatic, perennial evergreen shrub in the mint family (Labiatae).

    ✓It hydrates the skin, which helps to control oil production.
    ✓ It also provides an antibacterial surface for the skin, keeping acne at bay.
    ✓ Rosemary Oil's antiseptic properties are beneficial to skin conditions such as eczema. the skin resulting in an
    ✓ It can help lightens dark spots and blemishes on improved skin complexion.
    ✓ It also provides an antibacterial property; hence it helps to control dandruff and scalp inflammation.
    ✓ Rosemary essential oil is used to prevent premature graying and dandruff. It may also help dry or itchy scalp.